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Concept of tripple talaq in islam & quran

Is Tripple Talaq Valid as Per Law ?

3 Talaaq - Divorce law
3 Talaaq / divorce Law


3 (Tripple) Talaq (Divorce) as per Islam, Quran and Pakistani Law is an important topic being discussed throughout the Islamic World. Right Law Associates has a Divorce and Family Law Section. Our clients and other people ask our Lawyers about triple talaq in Islam Quran, and Pakistani Law.

Historically, the three (Tripple) talaqs have been debated for both their scope and legality. In the past, various Governments attempted to regulate the process to minimize its impact on women. More recently Governments have granted them equal rights and facilitated more practical solutions for the benefit of women. 

For the fact, the majority of Muslims in the subcontinent, who deeply believe in the Quran, adhere to the Hanafi school of Islamic law. But the prevailing condition practiced in different parts of the Islamic world is itself a legal challenge for legal practitioners and legislature bodies. 

There are varying modes of Talaq among Muslims around the world. Other Islamic schools of thought considered Talaq (Divorce) a process that should be delayed for a period of time, usually three months. Scholars and critics around the world have been vocal against the practice of Triple Talaq. Triple Talaq is historically seen as an indication of male dominance over women. Essentially, in the implementation of the Triple Talaq Bill, the role and importance of Muslim clerics are vital.

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Several countries, including Pakistan, prohibit the three talaq proclamations, whether they are spoken, written, or sent via SMS or WhatsApp. There have been some countries like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Turkey that have discontinued the practice long ago. Furthermore, the ban on triple talaq extends to more countries within the Muslim world, such as Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Bangladesh, Algeria, Jordan, Brunei, Kuwait, and Morocco. 

Right Law Associates, an experienced law firm with more than 30 years of experience, can assist women who have been victimized by the three talaqs and challenge these decisions. Free consultations are provided in all areas of family law, including Divorce (Talaq), Khula, Dissolution of Marriage, Child Custody, Child Maintenance, Dowry Matters, and Court Marriages. Our law firm offers expert legal advice to clients regarding a broad range of law-related matters, including Family Law, Property Law, Business Law, etc. Our legal advisory services include financial law (insurance, investment, commercial banking, capital marketing), civil litigation (corporate and civil matters), and criminal law. We can help you resolve your legal issues. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

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